Old West Cowboy Music Show
and Chuckwagon SupperDurango's favorite family entertainment since 1969


Reservations for 2021

Show tickets include the following meal choice options:

Beef or Chicken (choice is made in the serving line)
Beef and Chicken
12-oz. Rib Eye Steak (must be purchased in person by 6:45)
4 to 10 years - beef or chicken - choice is made in the serving line
3 years and under (who don’t require their own plate)

Please do not click or tap "Send Reservation" more than once.

Your reservation will be filed by your name at the ticket booth.
To make changes to a previously made reservation:
970-247-5753 or reservations@bardchuckwagon.com
Please include the date of your reservation in all inquiries.

Privacy, Security, and Refund Policies
Your reservation and credit card information will be entered from a secure server.
Your information is secure, will be used only for this reservation, and never shared.
Cancellations can be made up until 24 hours in advance. The notice helps with cooking and seating.

Supper is at 6:30 pm, rain or shine.
The show starts around 7:30 and is over by 8:30.
The show will run later with large crowds.

  • Reservations can be made online using the form above or by phone at 970-247-5753.
  • Activities, ticketing, and shops open at 5:00 p.m. Ticketing opens earlier on larger crowds.
  • Seating for parties of 9 and under is assigned from the stage back as tickets are picked up at the ticket booth.
    - Please call if your party is 9 or under but prefer to have your table preassigned in the order the reservation was made.
  • Seating for parties of 10 and larger is pre-assigned in the order that the reservation was made.
  • Reservations for parties of 21 and more or requiring wheelchair seating can be made only by phone at 970-247-5753.
  • The Groups page provides details about reservations for parties of 10 and more.
  • Wheelchair seating will be pre-assigned at the next best wheelchair-friendly table in the order reservations are made.
  • The 1st guests to arrive in a party with some in the party arriving later will pick up all of the tickets for the party and distribute them to others in the party as they arrive.
  • Only the first to arrive will deal with the ticketing line since they will buy all of the tickets and pass them out.